Hamish’s experience and knowledge in the area were incredibly valuable and helped to ensure the project was delivered to a high standard despite a challenging budget and a very tight timeframe. He was reliable, creative and well organised,.

Ben McNaught, Direct Marketing Manager Shelter

DescriptionBetween August and December 2009 I worked with Shelter to develop and launch a complicated online video product that would allow parents/grandparents to e-mail a personalised video message from Santa to their child.

As well as producing the website/video content, I also produced two 20 second advertisements to promote the website (one of which is the video above).

It was a fantastic project to work on and has been running and raising money for Shelter for 3 years.

You can see it www.santacam.org.uk

Client: Shelter
Directed by: Hamish Scadding
Post-Production: Splice
Music: Audio Network